"Brothers in musical crime and creative invention with chops and a flexible pocketful of ideas about how jazz could go in the 2010s.  Their latest album, ['In Praise of Shadows,'] freely incorporates electronics, digitized production modes and sounds from the pop realm, while slipping in tasty improvisational elements . . . Impressive young players with integrity . . . coolly appealing." - DownBeat Magazine


"This group has an impressively self-assured new album, "House Without a Door" which reaches for the gleaming cosmopolitanism of our present era." - The New York Times


"A rich brand of modern jazz, with performances and compositions that display an impressive level of sophistication. Textured harmonies and shifting time signatures are handled with aplomb." - The San Francisco Chronicle

Le Boeuf Brothers Release - LE BOEUF BROTHERS REMIXED

Available: April 30, 2013 on Nineteen Eight Records


Featuring new remixes by Remy & Pascal Le Boeuf, David Binney, Tim Lefebvre, "Wolff Parkinson White" (AKA: Jochen Rueckert), Kissy Girls, Lucky Luke, Yellow Then Blue, & Armand Hirsch